Bossa'n'Go, vol. 4: Blue Brazilian Vibes

Bossa'n'Go, vol. 4: Blue Brazilian Vibes
  1. Colpevole — Brazilian Wax
  2. Tico Tao — Estrela Guia
  3. Mon Amour — Mangoheat
  4. Bagunca — Sirius B
  5. Lontano — Brazilian Wax
  6. Tambem Voce — Nossa Alma Canta
  7. Playing with My Boredom — Ganesh
  8. Berimbau — Mo.dig.liani (feat. L. Cavallero)
  9. Danca do Diabinho — Estrela Guia
  10. Under The Stars [Drum'n'Bass mix] — Sirius B
  11. Vazio — Nossa Alma Canta
  12. This Means Love — Oleo
  13. Aurora do Brazil — Phazer feat. Cocktail Mood

Scenario Music is here again with its' fourth appointment of Bossa'n'Go! The label confirms once again with Bossa'n'Go, vol. 4 that it strives for the highest in quality and is omnipresent for the joy of all who want taste the intoxicating flavours of modern bossa nova, plus refined salsa lounge. You will find an on-the-mark selection proposed in this 4th edition from the series that, at this point, has reached cult status for those passionate for the genre in the beautiful packaging you've come to expect from this purely italian label.

The enjoyable visual impact is but a prelude to the wonderful musical contents, relaxed and laid-back like brazilian solar-harmony in emotions that renew with every new track. You will find present some of your favorite Scenario artists like, Estrala Guia fresh from the release of their new album Lunaticamente which reached critical acclaim, the long-awaited return of Brazilian Wax who present two tracks, Colpevole and Lontano to give you a taste of what to expect on their forthcoming album, and Ganesh with Playing with My Boredom, a must for the dancefloors. The label went outside of its roster to find you some amazing additions to fit the mood, like the anglo-brasilian Sirius B who offer two unreleased tracks, the danish Mangoheat are the authors of a new, fresh, irrestable lounge hit Mon Amour, plus the stylish bossa of Nossa Alma Canta and many others. Bossa'n'Go — is highly recommended for your summer cocktail parties when the moon is clear — blue brazilian good vibes!

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