The Birth of Nu Jazz

May 15, 2015

Nu Jazz instrumentation ranges from the traditional to the experimental, the melodies fresh, and the rhythms new and alive. It makes Jazz fun again.

Water Rules

August 6, 2007

The 15th Sziget festival had the best program of its festival history. There were 250 international acts from 56 countries and 500 domestic bands and performers present on the jubilee event. The rain was an uninvited guest and although there were a high number of visitors due to the bad weather the record numbers of last year could not be broken even with such a high quality program.

Sziget 2006: When the Music's Over

August 22, 2006

The familiar mood of ecstatic cheer on 160 acres, 66 venues, 30.000 squaremeters of camping site and 3.500 squaremeters of stage area, 500 domestic and 250 foreign performers from 44 countries. This is the evaluation of Sziget 2006 in terms of figures. The closing day of the fourteenth Sziget-festival was full-house thus outdoing last year’s all time high of 385.000 visitors.

Interview with Monsieur Dubois

September 26, 2004

...We wanted to be a jazz group and than we found out that jazz is on the same level for us as drum'n'bass or any other new music and that jazz is not really something we can do completely, because we are not that type of musicians.

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