Bossa'n'Go, vol. 2: Le Deuxieme Cocktail

Bossa'n'Go, vol. 2: Le Deuxieme Cocktail
  1. Volare Via — Brazilian Wax
  2. Angelinha — Safe Noire
  3. Naval — Estrela Guia
  4. Jackie — Bossa Nostra
  5. Bossa Rouge [Vibrato Mix] — Hammond Express
  6. Goodbye Mr. Mario — St.Niccolo
  7. Dolcemente — Brazilian Wax
  8. Brazil Summer — Cocktail Mood
  9. Sambando — Safe Noire
  10. Maria Fumaca 77 — Estrela Guia
  11. Drummer Boy — Italian Secret Service
  12. Sun, Sea and Clouds — St.Niccolo
  13. The Longest Day — Hammond Express

Over 10 000 people have tasted the first cocktail Bossa'n'Go and after one year Scenario Music decided to satisfy the kids again, serving Le Deuxieme Cocktail to the more and more numerous aficionados of the label. The result is an amazing bossa / lounge / jazz compilation to satisfy the most demanding palates; thirteen tracks, of which ten are unpublished gems, an irresistible cocktail of Brazilian nuances and Italian lounge styles with extreme elegance. The selection lists names are already known to friends of the Scenario Music Family, such as Brazilian Wax: italianbossa & jazzy lounge; Safe Noire: rhythm'n'bossa; Cocktail Mood: brazil-beat & soul, to masters like Bossa Nostra and Italian Secret Service. Featuring the enchanting new artists from the label: Hammond Express, the Hammond's funambulist Francesco Gazzara and his 60' world style, Estrela Guia, new line-up for the band of the guitar virtuoso Michele Corcella; St. Niccolo, the easy-fusion project of the master Pino Santoniccolo, a great bass player who experiments with a perfect mixture of jazz-lounge & bossa nova. Bossa'n'Go, vol. 2 will be the ideal soundtrack for your cocktail parties.

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