Since the beginning, the project Jestofunk started with an International view. The first single, I'm Gonna Love You (1992) received great feedback from the DJ's, especially in the UK and US. The originality of the sound immediately became the trade mark of the band. With the second single, Say It Again (1993), starts the collaboration with Ce Ce Rogers, one of the most prestigious voices of the House scene in the US, the single was licensed in different countries in Europe, and specially in France became a great hit climbing the top of the charts. The following year (1994), the third single, was released featuring once again the powerful voice of Ce Ce Rogers, followed few months later by the release of their first album Love in a Black Dimention. In 1999 CeCe Rogers decided to leave Jestofunk and start his own project called CeCe Rogers' Nuphunk.

The Groove is a perfect example of a fusion between the DJ style and the live instrumentation, connected with the afroamerican side of contemporary music. Jestofunk arrives to this second album after a six years itinerary through jazz, funk, soul and the most experimental sounds generated for the dancefloor. Their music theorizes a universal language without boundaries, going back and forth from the most hypnotic atmospheres to the contemporary sound.

The second album Universal Mother is a summit of the past experieces of the band, a tribute to the jazz funk of the 70's but also to modern technologies, underlined by the metronomic pulse of the drum machines. It sounds like if the Heartbeat can be mixed with sampler and sequenzer, creating in this way a connection between Man and Machine. This is the goal of MozArt, Blade and Farias — the 3 DJ's-producers behind the Jestofunk's project.

For this second album they decided to recreate the same workshop's atmosphere of the previous one, involving even more special guests: starting with the amazing voice of Jocelyn Brown and reggae legend Freddy McGregor, and once again hosting trombonist Fred Wesley and Ce Ce Rogers. Last but not least newcomer Dr. Felix — English DJ with Nigerian roots who sings the title track of the album Universal Mother. The first single from the album, Special Love featuring Jocelyn Brown, will be later remixed by Chicago DJ/Producer Steve "SiW" Hurley, one of the hottest remixers of this end of century.



Fly Love Song
Mondo Negro
The Ghetto
Universal Love


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