Universal Mother


©2000 Polygram

1. Universal Mother
2. Be A Warrior
3. Colour
4. Universal Love
5. If You've Got It, You'll Get It
6. Special Love
7. Happy
8. Jestofunk, Jestofunk
9. Try My Love
10. We Are
11. Nel Nome Del Suono
12. Why?
13. Pfunk Station
14. Earthquake
15. Reflexion
Stefano Bedo Flute, Saxophone
Junk Roberto Boschi Vocals
Jocelyn Brown Vocals
Ricky Burattini Piano
Cico Cicognaqni Bass
Gabriele Comelio Sax (Baritone)
Francesco Fuzz Guitar
Paolo Marini Percussion
Franc Nastri Percussion
Andrea Pani Violin
Mozart Claudo Rispol Piano
Ce Ce Rogers Piano
Fred Wesley Trombone


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