Love in a Gold Dimension


©1998 IRMA Records

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Can We Live
3. Fluid
4. Find Your State of Mind
5. Say It Again
6. Straight to You
7. Fly Love Song
8. For Your Precious Love
9. Moai Message
10. The Ghetto
11. Dance to the Music
12. I'm Gonna Love You
13. Theme from JFK

CD 2

14. I'm Gonna Love You [MC Turbo Sax]
15. Stellar Funk [T. World Zapp Remix]
16. Can We Live [Soul Chemistry]
17. The Ghetto [JFK Remix]
18. JB 2000 [edit]
19. Moai Message [In Dub]
20. Fly Love Song [MC Turbo Sax]
21. The Ghetto [JT Flute Mix]
22. Say It Again [Wild Magnolia]


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