Bossa'n'Go, vol. 1: Divin' Into the Velvet Bossa Lounge

©2000 Scenario Music

1. Samba In Se — Brazilian Wax
2. Anju Da Neve — Michele Corcella Quintet
3. The Crickets Sing For Anamaria — Bossa Nostra
4. Week End A Rio — Safe Noire
5. Spesso Bossa — Brazilian Wax
6. Cubanos Y Latinos — Safe Noire
7. Bari/New York/Rio — Cocktail Mood Experience
8. Linda — Sam Paglia
9. Je T'Adore — Montefiori Cocktail
10. Brasileiro Da Gema (The Sound of The Favelas) — Cocktail Mood Experience
11. La Boutique Ultramoderne — Sinclair feat. Cocktail Mood
12. Boundaries — Grand Central
13. Le Spie — Sinclair feat. Cocktail Mood [extended version]

Bossa'n'Go, vol. 1 is a compilation that with its 13 tracks assembles the best of the Italian jazz-bossa scene and the breakbeat-lounge scenario that flirts with bossa nova rhythms. Don't resist temptation to move your bodies, keeping time with elegant bossa-jazz. Upon hearing the first notes, you'll begin a trip through a world coloured by pleasing and refined sonority that gets still more interesting as the tracks flow: a crossover of genres that get re-worked in an innovative way. Bossa'n'Go, vol. 1 is in the vein of the Italian and European music for "clubs", exploding with Scenario music's in-house talents.

The strength of this compilation is that the most of tracks are unpublished. The real talents of Bossa'n'Go, vol. 1 are artists like Cocktail Mood (next issue out for the Scenario music): electro-lounge with refined hints of bossa-nova; Brazilian Wax: Italian bossa-jazz, great voice + acid jazz-samba arrangements; the Safe Noire — breakbeat-bossa project, but this selection is also full of bossa and samba tinged grooves by artists like Bossa Nostra, Sam Paglia, Sinclair, Grand Central, Montefiori Cocktail, Michele Corcella Quintet.


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