Bossa Nostra

Adriano Molinari — drums
Max Mussini — guitar
Luigi Storchi — sax
Stefano Carrara — bass
Emanule Bigi — keyboards

Bossa Nostra is a band composed of master Italian musicians that has launched jazz music into a new orbit.

The band's creativity reached its highest peak with its 1999 release, Kharmalion, which featured notable vocalist guest star Bruna Loppez. With her husky, powerful voice, Loppez introduced Italian jazz to multinational audiences all over the world.

Bossa Nostra plays 21st century jazz, a potpourri of fast-paced musical styles. Shuffling musical genres and instruments, the band never fails to gain momentum, playing a very liberating, easy-listening and completely stress-free brand of music. This is music that appeals to your soul and senses. The band excels at scattering their jazz confetti, mixing bossa-nova rhythms with soul and counterposing fascinating melodies on an acoustic piano with saxophones and percussion.



Kontaminazione II
The Crickets Sing for Anamaria


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