Le Spie


©2001 Scenario Music

1. My Name Is Bond... (James Bond Theme)
2. I Feel Love for You
3. House De-Luxe in Paris
4. La Boutique Ultramoderne (feat. Montefiori Cocktail)
5. Notte Ad Istanbul
6. The Persuaders Theme (Sinclair Waltz)
7. 2001: Operazione Topkapi
8. Le Spie [New Version]
9. Step of My Mind
10. Step of My Mind [remix by Ohm Guru & Full Force]

Sinclair, producer and DJ, is inspired by the easy-listening sonorities from the music of the sixties; in fact his nickname is a tribute to the character interpreted by Roger Moore in the TV series called "The Persuaders".

His style testifies to these influences thanks to original movie samples and vocals of that time period, producing a "soup" where every sound is dissolved in deep-house and drum'n'bass atmospheres.

You may remember Sinclair from the songs the compilation Bossa'n'Go earmarked under his other pseudonym "The Cocktail Mood Project". These tracks exhibited his ideal melding of "club music" and the atmospheres created by immortal authors of bossa nova jazz.

Sinclair became a noted musician in the second half of the nineties after studying saxophone at the Piccini's music conservatory. He developed his capacities as DJ and programmer playing both acoustic and electronic situations supported by other important session-men.

His live shows have been numerous in all Italy with appearances at Time Zone Festival, Fez Jazz Festival, The Biennial of European and Mediterranean Young Artists, Festival of Cinema of Locarno (Switzerland), supported LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, DJ Pathaan, Ohm Guru, Enzo Avitabile and Clan Greco.


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