Brazil Summer

Cocktail Mood

©2001 Scenario Music

1. Bari/New York/Rio [Phazer remix]
2. Aspettando Te (feat. Massimo "Clan" Greco)
3. Brasileiro Da Gema (the Favelas)
4. Brazil Summer
5. Comfort In Stereovision (feat. Le Plastique Shampoo)
6. Ball In Building Bubble (feat. Sinclair)
7. Ascendent Soul (Le Spie Remake, feat. Sinclair)
8. Caipirinha's Mood
9. Misturada De Bombay
10. Bahia Do Sol (feat. Japan Beats)

Cocktail Mood is a new production by Scenario Music where, upon listening to it, a Latino sound is immediately evident. It is coloured by a hundred faces from the musical culture of South America and vibrations of intelligent deep house beats where however, references to the world of black music, jazz, soul and ambient are not lacking. They are constant elements in the various experiments by Lord Sinclair. The debut album of the Cocktail Mood combo is definitely a work that shows the artistic maturity of the author, who in this case is accompanied by the trumpet player Massimo "Clan" Greco (musical guest in three tracks in the album, Bari/New York/Rio, Aspettando Te, and Brazil Summer), the sax player Federico "Cocktail" Montefiori (guest in the splendid track Comfort In Stereovision), the guitar player Stefano Geniale (author of the arrangements along with Mau and Sinclair), and the drummer Maurizio "Mau" Vurchio, the mind of the rhythmic pulsations and the animator along with Sinclair for the live performances.

The strongest references of the imaginary Cocktail Mood need to be searched for in the roots of the great school of Brazil (from Jobim to Azymuth) contaminated by the innovative gusto (above all in the beats) of "modern sounds" born from the influence of current maestros such as Jazzanova, Fila Brazillia, Thievery Corporation... Brazil Summer is a new pearl that has come out of Scenario Music's jewel case. It's an excellent piece of work in line with the label's best productions.


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