Groove Collective

©1999 Shanachie Records

1. Up All Night
2. Everything Is Changing
3. On A Feeling
4. Some People
5. Valiha
6. Undercover Life
7. Guara Rumba
8. Crisis
9. End Transmission
10. Sabrosona [Song For Chucho]
11. Nature Of A Freak
12. Triage
13. Martha My Dear
14. Sabrosona [Reprise]
15. Mrs. Strangelove
Eddie Bobe Percussion, Vocals
Dave Jensen Sax (Tenor)
Mark Anthony Jones Guitar, Vocals
Barney McAll Keyboards
Fabio Morgera Trumpet
Jay Rodriguez Flute, Saxophone, Vocals
Itaal Shur Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Gengi Siraisi Synthesizer, Drums, Vocals, Valiha
Chris Theberge Cajun, Conga, Drums, Bells, Bata
Bill Ware Vocals
Lucy Woodward Vocals
Richard Worth Flute, Director, Vocals


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