Solar Project

Historically, the Solar Project is associated with the Doo-Bop Sound, as the St. Petersburg trumpeter Igor Shilov was among the founders of both bands. The Solar Project is a product of his creative collaboration with the jazz guitarist Viktor Matveev, the keyboardist Alexander Alekseev, who is the pioneer of St. Petersburg constructivism, the jazz double bassist and philosopher Philip Meshcheryakov, and the drummer Alexander Potapov. The project creates music in jazz, nu jazz, jazz-funk, and lounge styles.

Solar Project can be called the pioneers of nu jazz in Russia — the album La Musique, recorded in 2003, was the first in the genre. Despite the cold and ‘distant’ performance style, the musicians affect the thoughtful listener deeply, sending the audience on a lonely journey through the star nebulae and lunar seas. An unusual, complex, but very melodic recording will be of interest to all fans of modern intellectual music.


La Musique


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La Musique
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