Doo-Bop Sound

Alexey Popov — sax
Igor Shilov — trumpet
Alexey Nikonov — keyboards
Victor Savich — bass
Peter Mikheeev — drums
Nikolay Gruzdev — guitar

The secret of Doo-Bop Sound provokes a strong interest among the jazz- lovers of the intense, timbre-active modern jazz. Uniting the rhythmic of the jazz-rock with electronic sounds of keyboards and at other times also a saxophone, with masterly improvisations in the manner of stop jazz, filling the compositions with funky rhymes, the band has occupied a fitting place in a musical club culture of St. Petersburg. One of the important features of the sextet — their own original compositions. And if a jazz standard is on the way, then in the hands of the band this standard gets a new form, which one can not foresee, because the fantasy of the musicians is unlimited and the irrepressible energy holds the listeners' attention during the performance. Doo-Bop Sound is the only band in Russia, which creatively uses the heritage of Miles Davis.

The Doo-Bop Sound band was created in January 1997 in St.Petersburg. Their first performances took place in jazz and underground clubs, and as a result their first "sample" CD Live and Funky was released.

Accumulating new compositions and ideas and being led to the success with the help of the gifted leader Alexey Popov, the band little by little has been growing more and more popular. People have started talking about it, their live performances have been coming to light. The band successfully played at the festival "Slavyanski Bazar" (Slavic Bazaar) in summer 1999, and in autumn 1999 the "Jazz-Kvadrat" (Jazz-Square) magazine published an interview with the band.

The presentation of the first official album Acid Man took place on December 30, 2000. The album has been released on the "Bomba-Piter" label and consists of 15 excellent tracks. This disc features a lot of performers: from famous jazz vocalists to DJ Primat. The disk has been recorded at the "Benefis" studio in St.Petersburg and produced by "Volkswagen" concern and the famous jazz critic, the author of the Petersburg jazz encyclopedia Vladimir Feyertag.

Another great cooperation experience was Lera Gehner Project. Lera's charming vocal reveals new horizons for band professional growth; project's live perfomances never leave the public indifferent. Today I'm Part Of You, Dear... CD which was out in 2004 had a great success among St.Petersburg jazz audience.

Currently the project leader Alexey Popov has been working with talented drummer from Moscow Petr Ivshin. Their CD recorded with other great local musicians was just released under the name "St. Petersburg Funk Alliance".

english text
by Yaroslav Senshin



A. M.
Acid Man
Friends Again
Jazz 4 Haas
The Nostalgie of Picadilly Square

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