Vibraphonic was formed in 1990 when a track was commissioned by Acid Jazz Records. I See You was released on a compilation called Totally Wired 6 in June 1990.

Walter BeasleyWalter Beasley

A popular saxophonist and singer with a mellow, R&B-influenced style, Walter Beasley has led a successful contemporary and smooth jazz career.

Weather ReportWeather Report

Weather Report started out as a jazz equivalent of what the rock world in 1970 was calling a "supergroup." But unlike most of the rock supergroups, this one not only kept going for a good 15 years, it more than lived up to its billing, practically defining the state of the jazz-rock art throughout almost all of its run.

Xploding PlastixXploding Plastix

Xploding Plastix is a Norwegian two-man band playing electrofunk/big beat music with elements of jazz. Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen (formerly in Norwegian black metal band Kvist) formed the group in early 1999, and submitted their first demotape in 2000. 


Budapest-based Yonderboi, born László Fogarasi Jr. in Kaposvár, Hungary, is an equally modest and self-assured figure in the world of downtempo electronica.

Zuco 103Zuco 103

They’ve been on a rollercoaster since. Ten years of Zuco 103. Seen it all: from North Sea Jazz, Bumbershoot Seatle to Rock Werchter, playing everywhere: from Moscow to Tokyo. Quite a carnival. 

Zventa SventanaZventa Sventana

Zventa Sventana is the Russian musical project by Tina Kuznetsova and Yuri Usachyov. The band revamps ethnics and adapts it to the ears of a modern listener.

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