The East Bay Archive Volume 1

Tower of Power

©2008 TOP

CD 1

1. Check It Out [Instrumental]
2. What Is Hip?
3. Clean Slate
4. So Very Hard To Go
5. You're Still A Young Man
6. Soul Vaccination
7. This Time It's Real
8. Back On The Streets
9. Don't Change Horses
10. Knock Yourself Out

CD 2

1. Main Nerve
2. Get Yo'Feet Back On The Ground
3. Sparkling In The Sand
4. Both Sorry Over Nothin'
5. Down To The Nightclub
6. You Got To Funkifize
7. Just Another Day
8. Don't Fight It
Stephen Kupka Baritone Saxophone
Francis Rocco Prestia Bass, Flute
Lenny Pickett Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Brent Byars Congas
David Garibaldi Drums
Bruce Conte Guitar, Vocals
Chester Thompson Keyboards, Vocals
Lenny Williams Lead Vocals
Emilio Castillo Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Mic Gillette Trumpet, Vocals
Greg Adams Trumpet, Vocals


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