Language Electric


©1997 Dorado

1. Language Electric
2. Sending You a Message
3. Freedom from Pity
4. Sell Me Away (Who Will Protect Me from My Own People?)
5. Bete Noire
6. That's Bullshit Woody
7. My Ego Needs Me Tonight
8. Everybody Jump Off
9. Story of a Musician's Madness
10. Feelings of Love
11. Live No Lie
Catherine Browning Violin
Sekou Bunch Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
Matt Cooper Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
Vince Denham Saxophone, Performer
Thomas Dyani Percussion
Jimmy Earl Bass
Lee Hamblin Arranger, Producer, Drum Programming, Mixing
Phil Hudson Guitar
Munyungo Jackson Percussion
Jhelisa Arranger, Vocals, Producer
Camara Kambon Keyboards
Jimmy Macon Guitar
Jeff McCarthy Keyboards
Chris Mostert Saxophone
Everton Nelson Violin, Viola
Michito Sanchez Percussion
Lee Thornberg Trumpet
Joel Virgil Vierset Percussion
Sally Ward Viola
Andy Waterworth Bass
Brian Wright Violin
Toshi Yanagi Guitar


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