Light 'Em Up, Blow 'Em Out

Up, Bustle & Out

©1997 Ninja Tune

1. Clandestine Operation
2. Emerald Alley
3. Rain in Tibet
4. Silks, Perfume and Gold
5. The Beautiful Lure
6. Apple Strudle
7. Compared to What
8. Y Ahora Tu
9. Radio Madrid
10. The Dance of Caravan Summer
11. Lasy Dase
12. Hearty Do-Lallies
13. Coca Conga
14. Coffee at Senor Roody's
15. Ilusion (Bristol Sound System)
16. Party With the Raj
John Donegan Piano
Mike Ford Tabla
The Larkins Vocals
Tirlok Singh Sitar
S. Wynter Vocals


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