Life Stranger Than Fiction


©2001 Talkin' Loud

1. Stay Mine
2. Bring You Down
3. Slow Down (Get a Grip)
4. Skin on My Skin
5. Cut It Loose [edit]
6. There Will Come a Day
7. Worlds Collide
8. Castles in the Air
9. Got to Know
10. Reach Out
11. Rivers Runnin' Black
12. On the Road [pt.1]
13. On the Road [pt.2]
14. Down to Earth
Maxton G. Beesley, Jr. Percussion, Conga
Emma Black Cello
Sister Sarah Brown Vocals
Andrew Byrt Viola
Nick Cooper Cello
Julian Crampton Bass
Chris DeMargary Sax
Mike de Saulles Violin
Dominic Glover Trumpet
Graham Harvey Keyboards, Drum Programming
Peter Hinds Keyboards
Ian Humphries Violin
Ed Jones Sax
Iain King Violin
Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Fiona McCapra Violin
Tony Momrelle Vocals
Steve Morris Violin
Catherine Musker Viola
Dominic "Ski" Oakenfull Keyboards, Assistant
Daniel Sadownick Percussion, Conga
Kelli Sae Vocals
Gary Sanctuary Keyboards, Assistant
Chris Tombling Violin
Jonathan Tunnell Cello
Fayyaz Virji Trombone, Arranger, Brass Arrangement
Jim Watson Keyboards
Kate Wilkinson Viola


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