Brand New Heavies

©1997 Delicious Vinyl

1. I Like It
2. Sometimes
3. Shelter
4. Crying Water
5. Day by Day
6. Feels Like Right
7. Highest High
8. You Are the Universe
9. Stay Gone
10. One Is Twice Enough
11. You Can Do It
12. After Forever
13. Last to Know
Simon Bartholomew guitar
Henry Binns vocals
Mike Brittain bass
Beverly Brown vocals
Isabelle Dunn strings
Siedah Garrett vocals
Wilfred Gibson violin
Garfield Jackson viola
Jan Kincaid percussion, drums
Noel Langley trumpet
Chris Laurence bass
Andrew Levy bass, percussion, tambourine
Antonia Paget strings
Dennis Rollins trombone
Jeff Scantlebury percussion, conga
Mike Smith saxophone
Ricjard Wayler vocals
Gavyn Wright violin


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