Heavy Rhyme Experience, vol. 1

Brand New Heavies

©1992 Delicious Vinyl

1. Bonafied Funk (feat. Main Source)
2. It's Gettin Hectic (feat. Gang Starr)
3. Who Makes the Loot (feat. Grand Puba)
4. Wake Me When I'm Dead (feat. Masta Ace)
5. Jump n' Move (feat. Jamalski)
6. Death Threat (feat. Kool G. rap)
7. State of Yo (feat. Black Sheep)
8. Do Whatta I Gotta Do (feat. Ed O.G.)
9. Whatgabouthat (feat. Tiger)
10. Soul Flower (feat. The Pharcyde)
Simon Bartholomew guitar
Paul Daley percussion
Jan Kincaid drums
Andrew Levy bass
Martin Shaw trumpet
Mike Smith saxophone


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