Remix Album: Happy End Of You

Pizzicato Five

Remix Album: Happy End Of You
  1. Love's Theme [Automator Mix]
  2. Trailer Music [808 State Remix]
  3. The Earth Goes Around [Daddy-O Half Mix]
  4. Porno 3003 [DJ Dara Remix]
  5. Porno 3003 [GusGus Mix 2.0 Edit]
  6. My Baby Portable Player Sound [High Llamas Remix]
  7. Happy Ending [If Then Else Mix]
  8. It's A Beautiful Day [The B-Day Arrangement]
  9. Love's Theme [Saint Etienne Mix]
  10. Trailer Music [Ram Tam Tush Mix]
  11. Collision And Improvisation [The Shooter Remix]
  12. Contact [Dimitri's Voco Dubstramental]
  13. The World Is Spinning At 45 RPM [Sunroof Mix Edit]
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