Pizzicato Five

©1994 Triad

1. Overture
2. Airplane [エアプレイン]
3. Statue Of Liberty [自由の女神]
4. Readymade FM [レディメイドFM]
5. Happy Sad [ハッピー・サッド]
6. Superstar [スーパースター]
7. If I Were A Groupie
8. Shopping Bag [ショッピング・バッグ]
9. The Night Is Still Young [東京は夜の七時]
10. Hippie Day [ヒッピー・デイ]
11. The Sweetest Girl [世界中でいちばんきれいな女の子]
12. Questions [クエスチョンズ]
13. On The Sunny Side Of The Street [陽の当たる大通り]


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