Mexican Sessions

Up, Bustle & Out

©2007 Collision: Cause Of Chapter 3

1. Day At The Bookies
2. All Out King
3. Mi Chat Latin
4. Genio Del Dub [UB&O Remix]
5. Corazón De León [Subrok Mission Remix]
6. Chicharras Night [Chico Sonido Remix]
7. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge
8. Mundo Insólito [Toy Selectah / Control Machete Remix]
9. Cumbion Mountain [Remix]
10. Lyrica Volcánica [Dub Mix]
11. Tinto Tintero
12. Mi Altar Voy A Armar
13. Niña
14. Corazón De León [Kabanjak Remix]
15. Day At The Bookies [Romanowski Remix]
16. Guitar Ahoy


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