Elephantitis: Funk and House Remixes

Brand New Heavies

©2007 Funky Chemist Records

CD 1

1. Never Stop [Extended Remix]
2. Stay This Way [Slam Mix]
3. Dreams Come True 92 [Disco 2000 Mix]
4. Dream On Dreamer [Angel Extended Mix]
5. Back To Love [Opaz Radio Version]
6. Spend Some Time [Sweeny Club Mix]
7. Midnight At The Oasis [Opaz 7" Version]
8. Mind Trips [Durham Remix]
9. Close To You ["Pret-A-Porter" Version]
10. Sometimes [Ummah Remix]
11. Shelter [Dobie's The Way It Should Be Mix]
12. You Are The Universe [Opaz Remix]
13. You Can Do It [Roc-A-Bloc Remix]
14. You've Got A Friend [Ballistic Brothers Remix]

CD 2

1. Stay This Way [The Club Mix]
2. Dream Come True 92 [Conversion Mix]
3. Dream On Dreamer [Heavy Motion Mix]
4. Back To Love [DJ Duke Mix]
5. Spend Some Tme [Malone And Mollison Piano Mix]
6. Midnight At The Oasis [Roger's Brand New Radio Anthem]
7. Close To You [Masters At Work Remix Edit]
8. Sometimes [MAW Smooth Mix]
9. Shelter [Dan's Groove Part 1]
10. You Are The Universe [Curtis & Moore's Universal Summer Groove 7"]
11. You Can Do It [Mijangos Remix]
12. You've Got A Friend [Tee's Club Mix]


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