The Other Side Of Outro Lado

Zuco 103

©2001 Ziriguiboom

1. Gravata Florida — World Of Apples [World of Apples Florida Fantasy]
2. Maracatu Atomico — Bossacucanova [Bossacucanova Mix]
3. Fome Total — Funky Lowlives [Funky Lowlives Total Dub]
4. Zabumba No Mar — Zuco 103 [Zuco Remake feat. The New Cool Collective]
5. Outro Lado — Presence [Presence Mix By Charles Webster]
6. Zabumba No Mar — United Grooves Collective [United Grooves Collective Mix]
7. Brazilectro — DJ Git Hyper [Amazonia Mix By Git Hyper & Schmid]
8. Outro Lado — Presence [Presence Dub]
9. Outro Lado — David Walters [Dawa & Bast Mix]
10. Humana — London Elektricity [London Elektricity Mix]
11. Outro Lado — Airto Moreira [Live At The Paradiso]


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