For the Love of You

Candy Dulfer

©1997 N2K Encoded Music

1. Saxy Intro
2. Saxy Mood
3. Gititon
4. For The Love Of You
5. Smooth
6. Give Me Some More
7. Once You Get Started
8. Bird
9. Wish You Were Here
10. Allright
11. Sunday Cool
12. Girls Should Stick Together
Thomas Bank Keyboards
Frans Blanker Sax
Peter Broekhuizen Flute, Sax
Caroline Dest Vocals
Candy Dulfer Sax, Vocals
Leendert Haaksma Guitar
Berget Lewis Vocals
Trijntje Oosterhuis Vocals
Jerden Rietbergen Keyboards
David Rockefeller Trumpet
Anthony Tolsma Percussion
Jan Van Duikeren Trumpet
Michel Van Schie Bass


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