Acoustic Alchemy

©2005 Higher Octave Music

1. The Crossing
2. Say Yeah
3. So Kylie
4. Trinity
5. The Detroit Shuffle
6. Cherry Hill
7. She Speaks American English
8. Lilac Lane
9. The 14 Carrot Cafe
10. Get Up (Levantar Y Bailar)
11. The Moon And The Sun
Greg Carmichael Guitar
Patrick Clahar Sax
Neil Cowley Keyboards
Snake Davis Sax
Julie Dennis Vocals
Frank Felix Bass Guitar
Miles Gilderdale Guitar, Vocals
John Goldsby Double Bass
Greg Grainger Drums, Vocals
Mike Herting Keyboards
Eddie M. Saxophone, Vocals
Jamie Norton Keyboards
Brandon Reilly Vocals
Kevin Robinson Trumpet
Bert Smaak Drums


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