Medeski, Martin & Wood

©2002 Blue Note Records

1. Uninvisible
2. I Wanna Ride You
3. Your Name Is Snake Anthony
4. Pappy Check
5. Take Me Nowhere
6. Retirement Song
7. Ten Dollar High
8. Where Have You Been?
9. Reprise
10. Nocturnal Transmission
11. Smoke
12. First Time Long Time
13. The Edge of Night
14. Off the Table
Danny Blume Guitar
Eddie Bobe Percussion
Stuart Bogie Sax
DJ Olive Turntables
DJ P Love Turntables
Col. Bruce Hampton Vocals
Scotty Hard Guitar
Michael Herbst Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Baritone)
Aaron Johnson Trombone
Billy Martin Percussion, Drums
Jordan McLean Trumpet, Flugelhorn
John Medeski Organ, Piano, Strings, Keyboards
Brad Roberts Vocals
Todd M. Simon Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Chris Wood Bass


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