Rhythm of the Soul

Dave Weckl

©1998 Stretch Records

1. The Zone
2. 101 Shuffle
3. Mud Sauce
4. Designer Stubble
5. Someone's Watching
6. Transition Jam
7. Rhythm Dance
8. Access Denied
9. Song for Claire
10. Big B Little B
11. Good Night
Dave Weckl Drums, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Howard "Buzz" Feiten Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Frank Gambale Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (12 String), Sitar (Electr
Tom Kennedy Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
Bob Malach Sax (Tenor)
Nahoo Design, Cover Art
Jay Oliver Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Steve Tavaglione Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)


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