Dave Weckl

©1994 GRP

1. Hard-Wired
2. Afrique
3. Dis' Place This
4. In Flight
5. Crazy Horse
6. Just an Illusion
7. Where's Tom?
8. In the Pocket
9. Tribute
Alba Acevedo Graphic Design
Scott Alspach Trumpet, Flugelhorn
James Genus Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Laurie Goldman Graphic Design
Dave Grusin Executive Producer
Anthony Jackson Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Jay Oliver Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Piano, Composer, Keyboards
Freddie Paloma Graphic Design
John Patitucci Bass, Guitar (Bass), Fretless Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
Larry Rosen Executive Producer
Dan Serrano Art Direction
Steve Tavaglione Harmonica, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), EWI
Dave Weckl Percussion, Composer, Drums, Producer, Loops, Mixing


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