School's In!

Maceo Parker

©2005 BHM Productions

1. To Be or Not to Be
2. Basic Funk: 101
3. What You Know About Funk?
4. ABC
5. Song for My Teacher
6. Speed Reading (It-Si-Bi-Ya)
7. What a Wonderful World
8. Arts & Crafts
9. Advanced Funk
10. I'm Gonna Teach You
Kip Blackshire Vocals
Greg Boyer Trombone, Horn Arrangements
Rodney Curtis Bass
Candy Dulfer Sax (Alto), Vocals
Morris Hayes Arranger, Keyboards, Organ
Sadie Hayes Vocals
Martha High Vocals
Cynthia Johnson Vocals
Corey Parker Vocals
Maceo Parker Percussion, Arranger, Sax (Alto), Vocals
Bruno Speight Guitar
Jamal Thomas Drums
Ron Tooley Trumpet
Peter Weniger Sax


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