Surprise, Surprise


©1982 Polydor / Steinar

1. Suprise
2. Garden Party
3. Gzing at the Clouds
4. Early Autumn
5. Action Man
6. Funk Suite No-1
7. Easy Jack
8. Fusion Blues
9. The Old Neighborhood
10. Suprise [Reprise]
Johann Asmundsson Percussion, Guitar (Bass)
Gulli Briem Percussion, Drums
Stuart Brooks Trumpet
Geoff Calver Arranger, Producer, Engineer
Steve Dawson Flugelhorn
Martin Dobson Saxophone
Bill Eldridge Saxophone
Eythor Gunnarsson Keyboards
Chris Hunter Trumpet
Louis Jardim Percussion
Fridrik Karlsson Guitar, Percussion
Winston Sela Programming
Kristin Svavarsson Percussion, Saxophone


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