Fragments of Freedom


©2000 Sire Records

1. World Looking In
2. Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
3. Love Is Rare
4. Let It Go
5. A Well Deserved Break
6. Love Sweet Love
7. In the Hands of the Gods
8. Shallow End
9. Be Yourself
10. Coming Down Gently
11. Good Girl Down
12. Fragments of Freedom
Bahamadia Rap
Steve Bentley-Klein Violin, Fender Rhodes, Fender Piano
Biz Markie Rap
Mario Castronari Double Bass
DJ First Rate Scratching
Weston Foster Vocals
Paul Jason Fredericks Vocals
Paul Godfrey Percussion, Scratching, Drums, Vocals
Ross Godfrey Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Organ (Hammond), Vocals
Steve Gordon Guitar (Bass)
Derek Green Vocals
Dee Lewis Vocals
Steve Sidwell Trumpet
Tony Wall Vocals (bckgr)


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