On How Life Is

Macy Gray

©1999 Epic

1. Why Didn't You Call Me
2. Do Something
3. Caligula
4. I Try
5. Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
6. I Can't Wait to Meetchu
7. Still
8. I've Committed Murder
9. A Moment to Myself
10. The Letter
Steve Baxter Horn
Dawn Beckman Vocals
Jon Brion Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano
David Campbell String Arrangements
Lenny Castro Percussion
Matt Chamberlain Percussion, Drums
Macy Gray Vocals
Charlie Green Horn
Michael Harris Horn
Rami Jaffee Synthesizer
Jay Joyce Guitar
Gabriel Moses Guitar
Greg Richling Bass
Jeremy Ruzumna Organ, Piano
Sye Smith Vocals
Miles Om Tackett Guitar
Patrick Warren Synthesizer, Vibraphone, Chamberlain
David Wilder Bass, Vocals
Benny Williams Guitar


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