Vigilante! Roy Budd Cult Film Soundtracks 1971-1977

Roy Budd

©2004 Discotheque

1. Get Carter: Main Theme/Goodbye Carter
2. Get Carter: You're a Big Man But You're in Bad Shape
3. Foxbat: M15
4. The Stone Killer: Black Is Beautiful
5. The Intercine Project: Mr. Easy
6. Marseille Contract: Jazz It Up
7. Get Carter: Love Is a Four Letter Word
8. Diamonds: Diamond Fortress
9. Get Carter: Suppose I Phone the Police...
10. Tomorrow Never Comes: Hanky Panky
11. Diamonds: Beauty & The Beast [edit]
12. Foxbat: M17
13. Fear Is the Key: You're a Cop, Ex-Cop
14. Black Windmill: Diamonds
15. Get Carter: The Girl Is in the Car
16. The Stone Killer: Jazz Source
17. Get Carter: Livin' Should Be This Way
18. Tomorrow Never Comes: It's All Rotten
19. Black Windmill: Free Tarrant
20. The Marseille Project: Theme M8
21. Get Carter: Hallucinations [edit]


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