Maiden Japan

Monday Michiru

©1994 Kitty Enterprises, Inc.

1. Maiden Voyage, Taking Off
2. Prayer of Love
3. Yellow Rain
4. Black and White
5. Wanted for Reason
6. Tracks
7. Maiden Voyage, Going Somewhere
8. Hear Between the Silence
9. What Is Jazz?
10. Comfort of Strangers
11. Suite Life
12. When I'm With You
13. Secret Desire
14. Maiden Voyage, Gone
Mac Chew Arranger, Keyboards
DJ Krush Scratching, Beats
Andrew Findon Bamboo Flute
Ray Hayden Programming, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
Loretta Heywood Vocals (bckgr)
Hideaki Kanazawa Standup Bass
Kudo Keyboards, Programming, Rhythm
Monday Michiru Flute (Alto), Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Yoichi Murata Trombone
Makoto Sakamoto Drums
Ken Shima Fender Rhodes


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