Bossa'n'Go, vol. 3: The Modern Soul of Bossa Nova

Bossa'n'Go, vol. 3: The Modern Soul of Bossa Nova
  1. Vou Voltar — Ludmilla
  2. Vai Ser Nom — S-Tone Inc.
  3. Vista Do Mar — Les Hommes
  4. Little Rose (Rosinha) — Salvo Lorusso
  5. Esse Samba — Ludmilla
  6. I'm Ready [Et.Na Vocal Mix] — Ganesh
  7. Tiziana — St.Niccolo
  8. Le Sofa [vocal version] — Safe Noire
  9. Red Lights — Estrela Guia
  10. A Fit of Dispair — Ganesh
  11. The Loungin' Style — Mono Deluxe
  12. Jaco — St.Niccolo
  13. Apaixonado — Safe Noire
  14. Get Over Some Tunes — Mono Deluxe

The third chapter the fortunate Bossa'n'Go series for Scenario Music that occurs again inviting you to plunge into the warm Mediterranean waters of the bossa modern nova, mixed to elegant and appropriate tones with jazz-lounge. The compilation is elegant in the artwork and amazing in its contents. The selections handled as usual by Salvo Lorusso, and don't leave any shade of doubt, this irresistible cocktail of Brazilian nuances and Italian lounge style launches us with vivacity into a world tinged by persuasive atmospheres and soaked with joie de vivre. In this selection, names are already known to the impassioned ones of the genre, feauring: Estrela Guia, Safe Noire, Mono Deluxe, Ganesh, St. Niccolo, S-Tone inc, Les Hommes. More and more amazing are the new discoveries of the label, that this time presents us Brazilian Ludmilla with two pieces of enchanting bossa-jazz. Also this year, with Bossa'n'Go your garden parties will enjoy a correct soundtrack.

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