Scenario Espresso: Steppin' in the New Italian Breakbeat

Scenario Espresso: Steppin' in the New Italian Breakbeat
  1. Intro: Welcome to Scenario — Sinclair
  2. La Boutique Ultramoderne — Sinclair feat. Cocktail Mood
  3. L'orissa — Sharma
  4. Black Mama — J Unique
  5. Ishtar Mon Amour — Istambul Cafe
  6. Le Spie [Edit Version] — Sinclair feat. Cocktail Mood
  7. I Remember... — Grand Central
  8. Jazz Up — Istambul Cafe
  9. Bust the Music — Grand Central
  10. Kick in the Eye — J Unique
  11. Glass Funk — J Unique
  12. Rajasthan Express — Sharma
  13. XXIst Century Promised Land — Transira
  14. Missione Andromeda: Alpha 1 — Transira

Another high level production marked with the Scenario logo; this selection is a bomb! Every track is unreleased! An explosive cocktail of breakbeat, house, drum`n`bass, big beats, lounge & jungle-ambient music. A dive into the third millennium sound; sonority amalgamated with a precious style and ethno-jazz taste by artists that make the production enjoyable from the first to the last note. The sounds are combined to catch the ears of the listeners and to reach their heart and mind.

Various are the influences in this work: should we give some examples? Kruder & Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation, Talvin Singh, Roni Size, Fatboy Slim... our artists, certainly, are not afraid of these parallels; J Unique moves from breakbeat-funk to jazzy drum`n`bass; the combo Istambul Cafe exceeds the limits of ethno-jazz step; the Sharma experiment is a refined crossover of exotic chillout and ethno-jungle with asiatic influences; the Transira is a trafficked road filled with ambient sonority on jungle beats; Grand Central and Cocktail Mood projects flirt with house music, linking the cool excitement of the dancefloor with the smokey atmospheres of jazz clubs.

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