Next Beat


©2003 Scenario Music

1. Blue Cachaca
2. Stay in Tune
3. This Means Love [Club Version]
4. Visions
5. Get Juicy
6. Blame Me
7. Zen Zoo
8. Gotham City
9. Bingo Game
10. Veronique Is in Love
11. Tragic Motion
12. This Means Love

This project was created in Genoa, Italy, as a result of the meeting between Max Rolff and Carles Zanetti, their goal has been from the beginning to create a personal sound based on digital manipulation of original pre- recorded analogical material. Since then, lots of good music has been created through this collaboration, mixing together good cocked beats with fine arrangements.

Next Beat is Oleo's first complete work. The 11 tracks create a path for a new travelling experience, like an ideal soundtrack of our times, with a perfect balance of dance, rock, jazz and electronics. Sax, flute, vocals, electric guitar and percussion are floating dramatically on the beat, energically performed by the electric bass of Max Rolff and the drumming of Carles Zanetti. The voices and the languages of the world find place in this picture, creating images and visions that add to the music a multimedia value.

In August 2002 Oleo's track This Means Love was published on the compilation LoungBeatz, vol.2 (BMG Germany), and distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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