Cosmic Landscapes


©2001 Scenario Music

1. First Raja
2. Parallel Dimensions (The Kabuki Farce)
3. Travelling 2001 (featuring Appaloosa)
4. Good Times
5. From Alpha Centauri
6. Cosmic Landscapes
7. The Watchman
8. Interplanetary Travels
9. In The Name Of Love
10. Blue Dawn

Extremely elegant packaging and beautiful artwork make this release one to treasure from Scenario Music. The sound, like physical dimension, is like a beacon in space. Elements that fuse glacial effects and atmospheres, from science fiction soundtracks, to the extreme that result from the search that is known as electronic music.

A usage of technological experimentalism for producing in sonorous terms with rich vision of strong environmental and evocative suggestions. And, at the same time, reflecting the pulsating sound of the metropolis, of ambient-jazz-soul-drum'n'bass. The era of post-manufacturer, after the triumph of the computer and high technology that however, in such a context, the individual in anonymity lacking in spirit does not relegate, but donates to it new vehicles for the affirmation of it's own spirituality. These are the elements that constitute the basic conception of the Headspace project. Its inventor, DJ Phazer, dedicates particular attention to the study of the sound and to the culture of "club music" and the so-called "intelligent music". A model of artistic production that reaches toward full hands in the world of ethnic and digital sonorities and drawing inspiration from to artists like Pharaoh Sanders, LTJ Bukem and Brian Eno.


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