Grand Central

Grand Central

©2001 Scenario Music

1. Quiet Rain
2. The Way You Love Me
3. Connective
4. Night Vision
5. Jazz Hall
6. Look at My Eyes [Deep Version]
7. Long Road
8. I Got Shoes
9. Tech Soul
10. The Escape
11. Glass Funk [Headspace Mix]

Grand Central is a combo of musicians who revolve around to the Scenario Music planet commanded from the talent of J Unique, producer and minder of the beats of the album. In the last years, J Unique, has explored through his experience as a DJ, experimenting and creating his own sound.

Already present in the project Scenario Espresso, here J Unique expands his search to other musical reservoirs with particular attention to the dance floor. To which, he offers not only deep-house and jazz but also good doses of funk, soul, down-tempo, break-beats which vaguely recall of the era of Blacksploitation. A woven material of base electronic in which these sounds are amalgamated in perfect balance to refined acoustic participations of guitar (S. Geniale), drums (M. Abruzzese), hammond (P. Tanzi), bass (P. Santoniccolo).

Potential hits of the album are "Quiet Rain" (the splendid voice of Luciana Negroponte leans on a soft structured downtempo), Connective and The Way You Love Me (two tracks that move toward funk-disco-house); and moreover, Jazz Hall (George Benson voyage), Night Vision (Miles Davis on a crowded train without out of control), I Got Shoes (Dizzie Gilliespie, Jimmy Smith and some house)... Grand Central expresses a multi-color cross-sectional style. An ideal fusion between American black music and the European taste for contaminations: CRUSADERS vs FATBOY SLIM!


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