Sopra la Soglia


©2002 Scenario Music

1. I'm Ready [Et.Na Vocal Mix]
2. A Fit of Dispair
3. Not for U
4. Our Night
5. Restart
6. Just for Me
7. Il Cuore del Pianeta
8. Guarda in Alto
9. In My Heart
10. Follow Me

Always with careful attention to packaging, Scenario Music releases the outstanding debut from Italian's finest exponents of nu jazz house — Ganesh. Enzo Ponzio aka Ganesh, a well known Italian producer and DJ, debuts on this long player with the album called Sopra la Soglia.

This selection is very much homogenous and solid and it centres around jazz beats, beautiful atmospheric moments and live elements provided by skillful jazz musicians. This is a great debut. Ganesh works the full gamut of down-tempo fusion by exploring the pocket of jazzy breaks and house. He's created another essential piece in the Italian beat music puzzle, with lots of work, crisp drum tracks and mellow grooves that just drift along carrying you with them.

The Ganesh long player takes their unique sound to new heights with a fresh fusion of jazz-soaked organic cuts and up tempo, Latin-tinged grooves, all enhanced by truly awesome instrument playing and excellent production. Very cool indeed. The improvisation of the musicians enacts a key element of the work overlapping itself to well studied and programmed bases.


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