Good To Go

Duncan Millar

©2001 Instinct Records

1. Super-Real Feel
2. Brite Life
3. The Groove
4. Good To Go
5. High Sierra
6. Southside Groove
7. Go Fly Your Kite
8. One Warm Day
9. Sci-Fi Hi
10. Captain of her Heart

This album has taken a while! Although a few things were tweaked recently, most of the album was recorded over a year ago. The original songs were written in the period before then and my first album in 1998, so they've been floating around in my head for quite some time!

I enjoyed making the album and think it is a real progression since my last. There's a lot of free playing and soloing aorund the tunes which really brings them to life, showing off each player's talents to the full and creating a great live feel.

Some of the players who gave their great talents to the first album are here on the second, for example, Jacko Peake on saxes and flute, Chanan Hanspal on guitar and Arden Hart on trumpet. However, their are some new guys who make some great contributions, in particular, Damon Browne on flugelhorn, a familiar name on the London jazz-scene. Chris Standring, who's also from London but based in LA, and who, of course, has had a couple of high-flying smooth-jazz albums, makes welcome appearances on Super-real Feel and Go Fly your Kite.

Duncan Millar


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