On a Roll


©1997 Hollywood

1. Rough With the Smooth
2. Read My Mind
3. Why Do You Treat Me This Way?
4. Living on the Edge
5. Nothing Comes Close
6. On a Roll
7. (It's A) Vibe Vibe
8. Hit the Floor
9. Wherever You Are
10. One for the Road
11. Keep on Movin'
Roger Beaujolais Marimba, Mallets, Vibraphone
Lennox Cameron Keyboards, Vocals
Nick Cohen Guitar
Pete Eckford Percussion
Peter Lewinson Drums
Alison Limerick Vocals
Mark Lockheart Sax, Brass
Richard Marcangelo Percussion, Producer, Vocal Arrangement
Dave Priseman Trumpet, Brass
Tony Remy Guitar
Dennis Rollins Trombone


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