Singles Collection


©1999 Sony

1. Cosmic Girl [Radio Edit]
2. Slipin' N' Slidin'
3. Didjital Vibrations
4. Cosmic Girl [Classic Radio Mix]
5. Space Cowboy
6. Journey To Arnhemland
7. The Kids
8. Space Cowboy [Demo Version]
9. Virtual Insanity
10. Do You Know Where You're Coming From
11. Bullet
12. Virtual Insanity [Album Version]
13. Stillness In Time [Radio Edit]
14. Space Cowboy [Classic Radio Edit]
15. Space Cowboy [Classic Club]
16. Stillness In Time [Vinyl Version]
17. Alright [Full Length Version]
18. Alright [Tee's In House Mix]
19. Alright [Tee's Digital Mix]
20. Alright [Tee's Radio Jay]


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