Adventures in Black Sunshine


©2004 Narada

1. Don't Turn My Love Away
2. Everything Your Heart Desires
3. Close My Eyes
4. The 25th Chapter
5. True To Myself
6. The Principles Of Love
7. This Thing Called Love
8. Fences & Barriers
9. Mindin' My Business
10. Autumn Song
11. Listen To The Music
12. Mr. Jones
13. The World Is Mine
14. Beyond The Clouds
Richard Bailey Drums
Sister Sarah Brown Vocals
Matt Cooper Organ, Synthesizer, Piano
Julian Crampton Bass
Chris DeMargary Sax
George Duke Fender Rhodes
Thomas Dyani-Akuru Percussion
Gail Evans Vocals
Dominic Glover Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Brass Arrangement
Graham Harvey Bass, Fender Rhodes
Tyrone Henry Vocals
Imani Vocals
Neville Malcolm Bass
Daniel Maunick Producer, Drum Programming, Percussion Programming
Jean-Paul Guitar, Vocals
Maysa Vocals
Tony Momrelle Vocals
Jamie Norton Keyboards, Wurlitzer, Electronic Piano
Dominic Synthesizer, Bass, Keyboards, Clavinet
Andy Ross Flute, Saxophone
Nichol Thompson Trombone, Bass (Electric), Vocoder


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