Who Needs Love


©2003 Dome

1. Who Needs Love
2. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
3. People At The Top
4. Morning Sun
5. Stone Cold Heart
6. Cada Dia (Day By Day)
7. If You Want My Love
8. Don't Be A Fool
9. Byrd Plays
10. Where The Love Shines
11. Did We Really Ever Try
12. Blue (I'm Still Here With You)
13. Fly
Richard Bailey Drums
Xavier Barnet Vocals
Giles Broadbent Violin
Ian Burdge Cello
Reiad Chibah Viola
Matt Cooper Synthesizer, Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Julian Crampton Bass
John Deley Synthesizer
Chris DeMargary Flute, Saxophone
Mark Edwards Bass, Piano
Andy Gangadeen Drums
Dominic Glover Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Brass Arrangement
Michael Gray Violin
Vincent Greene Viola
Simon Grey Keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Drum Programming
Graham Harvey Fender Rhodes
Stephen Hussey Violin
Sally Jackson Violin
Ed Jones Sax
Rebecca Jones Violin
Andy Kremer Bass
Paige Lackey Vocals
Joy Malcolm Vocals
Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick Guitar
Lorraine McIntosh Vocals
Tony Momrelle Vocals
Darragh Morgan Violin
Ed Motta Vocals
Everton Nelson Violin
Jamie Norton Fender Rhodes
Dominic "Ski" Oakenfull Bass, Percussion, Drums
Gavin W. Pearce Bass
Joy Rose Vocals
Andy Ross Flute, Sax
Kelli Sae Vocals
Khari Cabral Simmons Voices
John Smart Violin
Ian Thomas Band Drums
Nichol Thompson Trombone, Brass Arrangement
Karl Van Den Bossche Percussion
Martin Verdonk Conga, Hand Percussion
Matthew Ward Violin
Paul Weller Guitar
Chris Worsey Cello


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