Last Night in Tokyo, Live 1996



1. She Rises in the East
2. Solar Fire
3. Labour of Love
4. I Love What You Do for Me
5. Talkin' Loud
6. Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing
7. Out of the Storm
8. Dark Side of the Cog
9. Beneath the Surface
10. Colibri
11. Deep Waters
12. Everyday
13. Roots
14. Always There
15. Still a Friend of Mine
Richard Bailey Drums
Chris Ballin Vocals
Bluey Guitar, Vocals
Simon Cotsworth Mixing
Chris DeMargary Flute, Saxophone
Thomas Dyani Percussion
Graham Harvey Keyboards, Musical Director
Peter Hinds Keyboards
Randy Hope-Taylor Bass
Imani Vocals
Ed Jones Flute, Saxophone
Maysa Leak Vocals
Avi "Lebo" Leibovich Trombone
Alexander Pope Norris Trumpet, Flugelhorn


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