Free Association


©1995 Indochina

1. West By South West
2. Wait Wait Wait [Organ Mix]
3. Fantasy 3.9
4. The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
5. Take Me To The Casbah [Guitar Mix]
6. Flute City
7. Keys To The Kingdom
8. Up There
9. Don't Hold Your Breath
10. Wait Wait Wait [Skratch Mix]
11. Take Me To The Casbah [Mint Tea Mix]
Duncan Millar sequencers, piano
Ramon Layzelle sax

A-One was an acid-jazz project created by Duncan Millar, and was a kind of return to his jazz roots. The first single, on WOW records got good reviews and this and other tracks appeared on many U.S. compilations. Eventually, an album, Free Association, was released on China records.

Originally released on Indochina Records, several tracks gained exposure on Moonshine Records acid-jazz compilations and Instinct Record's samplers. Subsequently re-released in the USA by Trippin' 'n Rhythm Records, Chicago.

"Lots of different colours and textures. 'West By South West' is a great dance tune"

Sounds (UK), Single of the Week

"Millar skilfully blends familiar solos way back in the mix so that the jazz listener senses something he may have heard before but can't quite put his finger on"

Jazz Journal International


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