Steps Ahead


1. Sidewalk Maneuvers
2. Praise
3. Nite Owl
4. Taxi
5. Tamarin Lion
6. Gory Details
7. Agitate the Gravel
8. Okapi
9. Orion
10. Steppish
11. Sara's Touch
Jeff Andrews bass
Victor Bailey bass
Bendik Saxophone, Vibraphone
Miles Bould Percussion, Production Coordination, Mixing, Sequencing
Dean Brown Guitar (Electric)
Spencer Cozens Keyboards, Mixing, Synthesizer Bass
Steve Khan Guitar (Electric)
Wayne Krantz Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Chuck Loeb Guitar (Rhythm)
Mike Mainieri Percussion, Scratching, Producer, Synclavier, Liner Notes
Rick Margitza Sax (Tenor)
Bruce Martin Synthesizer, Percussion
Steve Smith Drums
Alan Thompson Bass
Jimi Tunnell Guitar (Electric)
George Whitty Synthesizer
Rachel Z Synthesizer, Piano


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